[13.1] Cluster

[13.1.1] Concept cluster

cluster is part of the program entity

// program entity
ngl:cluster main

ngl:concept:movie // use movie from the ngl:cluster:concept named ncc
// all concepts from ncc are available in ngl:concept

[13.1.2] Entity cluster

[13.1.3] Xeno cluster

A ngl:cluster is a cluster that contains only foreign descriptions.


// sfml.ngl (xeno cluster) ngl:cluster sfml { ngl:xeno:function<"init", some, params> init ngl:xeno:function<"cleanup", some, thing, to, give, as, params> cleanup ngl:xeno:function<"wait"> wait

ngl:xeno:function<"custom", a, b, c> init


// program.ngl ngl:cluster main

ngl:edge // import in main cluster ngl:edge // import globally

ngl:cluster:sfml:init ngl:arc sfml:init